Smarten Cloud Pricing

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$0/30 days

  • 1 User
  • Upto 10000 Rows


  • 1 User
  • Upto 0.5 Million Rows


  • 3 Users
  • Upto 1 Million Rows


  • 10 Users
  • Upto 5 Million Rows


Catering to the unique needs of large enterprises, our Enterprise pricing plan offers scalable solutions that drive success at the highest level.

Smarten Plan - Feature matrix

Features Free Basic Standard Premium Enterprise
Users (Power user with SSDP + Predictive + BI access rights) 1 1 3 10
Records/Rows 10000 0.5 Million 1 Million 5 Million
Data refresh rate Daily Daily Hourly Hourly
Datasources and Datasets Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
BI reports, dashborads, KPIs, Visulisations and other BI objects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SmartenInsight - Predictive models Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Snapshot - anomaly alerts and monitoring Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data sources
Text/CSV files
XLS/XLSX files
XML/JSON files
Google sheets
REST web services
S3 support
Relational databases
Amazon Redshift
AWS Athena DB
Google BigQuery
Hive SQL
Google Analytics
R script
SmartenInsight models and Smarten BI objects
Cloud databases
Data Preparation
Highlight data
Unique values
Filter data
Cluster & Edit
Find & Replace
Remove data
Fill data
Transform data
Aggregate data
Split column / row
Merge columns
Add column
Join dataset
Append dataset
Action editor
Lineage diagram
Auto suggestions and recommendations
Split dataset
Data partitioning
Data insights
SQL query
Pivot / Unpivot data
Augmented analytics
SmartenInsights - Assisted predictive modeling
PMML Model import
Data insights
Clickless analytics - NLP Search
Snapshot - anomaly alerts and monitoring
BI & Reporting
Crosstab reports
Tabular reports
Print PDF reports
KPI & KPI Groups
Smart Visualisation
What-if analysis
Publish and share
Schedule and share objects via email
Security & Access rights
Dataset permissions
Folder and object permissions
Column permissions
Row level permissions
Fine grained permissions at role and user level
Embedded BI / API Integration
Embed BI objects API
Clickless analytics API
Administration API
Smarteninsight model API
API to ingest data into Smarten dataset
Access rights policy
Authentiction management
Metadata Exchange across the Suite
Usage Monitoring and Audit logs analytics
Import / Export User Access Rights at fine-grain level
Administration reports
User and role management
Application configuration and fine tuning
Tenant management
Bundle Per User
Add-on user (viewer) 1
Add-on mobile app user 1
Price (INR) 400.00
Premium Support
Community Support Free Free Free Free
Knowledgebase, Forums, Documents & Help Free Free Free Free
Premium Support (12x5) on email and via support ticket system Free Free Free Free

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