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Citizen Data Scientists are not business analysts or data scientists. They are business users just like you! The ideal Citizen Data Scientist is a team member who is respected within the organization, one who shares data and information to collaborate and to produce outcomes designed to achieve goals and objectives. Citizen Data Scientists may be ‘power users’ of business applications and may have developed and reported or presented data to others to support fact-based decision-making. No matter your role within the organization, you can combine your industry, functional or market knowledge with data analytics to improve results, increase your visibility and career advancement within your enterprise and support organizational results.

Citizen Data Scientists Defined

Gartner defines a citizen data scientist as ‘a person who creates or generates models that use advanced diagnostic analytics or predictive and prescriptive capabilities, but whose primary job function is outside the field of statistics and analytics.’

Gartner includes numerous Citizen Data Scientist predictions in its research, stating that, in the future…

  • ‘The number of Citizen Data Scientists will grow five times faster than the number of expert data scientists.’
  • ‘Scarcity of data scientists will no longer hinder the adoption of data science and machine learning in organizations.’

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Who And What Is a Citizen Data Scientist?

What Does a Citizen Data Scientist Do?

A SnapshotOf The Citizen Data Scientist Within The Organization

As a Citizen Data Scientist, you can bridge the gap of data science skills by gaining knowledge and skill in the use of augmented analytics solutions that provide sophisticated tools with easy-to-use auto-recommendations and guidance so users can gather, create and analyze to produce clear results and find solutions and opportunities. These tools can help the Citizen Data Scientist to prototype and hypothesize so that they can test theories without making a business misstep.


How Will Smarten Insights Help Me Become a Citizen Data Scientist?

Smarten Insights provides predictive modeling capability, auto-recommendations, and auto-suggestions to simplify use, and allow business users to leverage predictive algorithms without the expertise and skill of a data scientist. These tools allow business users to apply predictive analytics to any use case, gain valuable insight, predict results, and share and collaborate with colleagues.

Learn the Citizen Data Scientist approach to analytics with this FREE online Citizen Data Scientist course. Explore the basics of Data Science, Predictive Modeling and Use Cases and get started on your Citizen Data Scientist journey.

You Can Create, Use and Share Business Use Cases

Business users can leverage augmented analytics and predictive modeling every day, as a part of their routine roles and responsibilities without the assistance of IT professionals or data scientists. Business use cases using Predictive Analytics provide a foundation for analyzing and making decisions to solve problems, discover opportunities and meet goals and objectives.

Popular Business Use Cases include:

The Smarten Insight platform allows users to create business use cases based on your business function, industry and market needs. The possibilities are endless!

You can find real-world business examples and explore the limitless possibilities of creating your own use cases, using our comprehensive library of Business Use Cases Using Predictive Analytics.

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